Mutualism between the antipatharian Antipathes fiordensis and the ophiuroid Astrobrachion constrictum in New Zealand fjords

  title={Mutualism between the antipatharian Antipathes fiordensis and the ophiuroid Astrobrachion constrictum in New Zealand fjords},
  author={Ken R. Grange},
A large and accessible population of the antipatharian Antipathes fiordensis occurs in the fjords of southern New Zealand. Many colonies support specimens of the perching asteroschematid ophiuroid, Astrobrachion constrictum, some of which have been observed in situ for over 5 y. Adult A. constrictum are restricted to A. fiordensis, and have never been found on any other organism. In situ experiments have shown that A. constrictum feeds at night, primarily on mucus produced by A. fiordensis… CONTINUE READING


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