Mutualism and Antagonism : Ecological Interactions Among / 13 ! Bark Beetles , Mites and Fungi

  title={Mutualism and Antagonism : Ecological Interactions Among / 13 ! Bark Beetles , Mites and Fungi},
  author={Kier D. Klepzig and John C. Moser and Mar{\'i}a J. Lombardero and Matthew P. Ayres and Richard W. Hofstetter and C. J. Walkinshaw},
Insect-fungal complexes provide challenging and fascinating systems for the study of biotic interactions between plants. plant pathogens, insect vectors and other associated organisms. The types of interactions among these organisms (mutualism. antagonism. parasitism. phoresy. etc.) are as variable as the range of organisms involved (plants, fungi, insects. mites. etc.). We focus on bark beetles and their associated organisms. in particular, on the relationship between the southern pine beetle… CONTINUE READING
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