Mutual visibility by luminous robots without collisions

  title={Mutual visibility by luminous robots without collisions},
  author={Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna and Paola Flocchini and Sruti Gan Chaudhuri and Federico Poloni and Nicola Santoro and Giovanni Viglietta},
  journal={Inf. Comput.},
Consider a finite set of identical computational entities that can move freely in the Euclidean plane operating in Look-Compute-Move cycles. Let p(t) denote the location of entity p at time t; entity p can see entity q at time t if at that time no other entity lies on the line segment p(t)q(t). We consider the basic problem called Mutual Visibility: starting from arbitrary distinct locations, within finite time the entities must reach, without collisions, a configuration where they all see each… CONTINUE READING
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