Mutual solubilities of water and hydrophobic ionic liquids.

  title={Mutual solubilities of water and hydrophobic ionic liquids.},
  author={Mara G Freire and Catarina M. S. S. Neves and Pedro J Carvalho and Ramesh L Gardas and Ana Margarida Fernandes and Isabel M Marrucho and Lu{\'i}s M N B F Santos and Jo{\~a}o A P Coutinho},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
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The ionic nature of ionic liquids (ILs) results in a unique combination of intrinsic properties that produces increasing interest in the research of these fluids as environmentally friendly "neoteric" solvents. One of the main research fields is their exploitation as solvents for liquid-liquid extractions, but although ILs cannot vaporize leading to air pollution, they present non-negligible miscibility with water that may be the cause of some environmental aquatic risks. It is thus important… CONTINUE READING