Mutual diffusion coefficients of aqueous ZnSO4 at 25°C

  title={Mutual diffusion coefficients of aqueous ZnSO4 at 25°C},
  author={John G. Albright and Donald G. Miller},
  journal={Journal of Solution Chemistry},
Diffusion coefficients of the system ZnSO4−H2O at 25°C have been measured using Rayleigh optics from 0.004 to 3.33m. The results appear to extrapolate with reasonable agreement to the data of Harned and Hudson at very low concentration. The diffusion coefficients decrease from 0.8486×10−5 at 0m to 0.2813×10−5 cm2-sec−1 at 3.33m. Densities were measured over the concentration range 0.10 to 3.60m and combined with the data of Geffcken and of Gibson to obtain an analytical expression for density… CONTINUE READING