Mutations probe structure and function of G-protein alpha chains.

  title={Mutations probe structure and function of G-protein alpha chains.},
  author={Henry R. Bourne and Susan B. Masters and Rodney T. Miller and Kathleen A. Sullivan and Warren Heideman},
  journal={Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology},
  volume={53 Pt 1},
The molecular genetic approach has just begun to provide hints of answers to some of the questions posed at the outset of this paper. We have some idea of which portions of the alpha chain of Gs interact with receptors and effectors, and we guess that the same is true of corresponding regions of other alpha chains. We have a tantalizing hint that points to a key region of alpha s that is necessary for the conformational change induced by binding GTP, and the vague outline of a hypothesis… CONTINUE READING

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