Mutations altering the cleavage specificity of a homing endonuclease.

  title={Mutations altering the cleavage specificity of a homing endonuclease.},
  author={Lenny M. Seligman and Karen M. Chisholm and B. I. Gilman And C. S. Peirce Jean - Marie Chevalier and Meggen S. Chadsey and Samuel T Edwards and Jeremiah H Savage and Adeline L Veillet},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={30 17},
The homing endonuclease I-CreI recognizes and cleaves a particular 22 bp DNA sequence. The crystal structure of I-CreI bound to homing site DNA has previously been determined, leading to a number of predictions about specific protein-DNA contacts. We test these predictions by analyzing a set of endonuclease mutants and a complementary set of homing site mutants. We find evidence that all structurally predicted I-CreI/DNA contacts contribute to DNA recognition and show that these contacts differ… CONTINUE READING

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