Mutations affecting neural survival in the zebrafish Danio rerio.

  title={Mutations affecting neural survival in the zebrafish Danio rerio.},
  author={Salim Abdelilah and Eliza Mountcastle-Shah and Melissa Harvey and Lilianna Solnica-Krezel and Alexander F Schier and Derek L. Stemple and Jarema J Malicki and Stephan C. F. Neuhauss and Fried Jt Zwartkruis and Didier Y. R. Stainier and Zehava Rangini and Wolfgang Driever},
Programmed cell death is a prominent feature of normal animal development. During neurogenesis, naturally occurring cell death is a mechanism to eliminate neurons that fail to make appropriate connections. To prevent accidental cell death, mechanisms that trigger programmed cell death, as well as the genetic components of the cell death program, are tightly controlled. In a large-scale mutagenesis screen for embryonic lethal mutations in zebrafish Danio rerio we have found 481 mutations with a… CONTINUE READING