Mutational and energetic studies of Notch 1 transcription complexes.

  title={Mutational and energetic studies of Notch 1 transcription complexes.},
  author={Cristina Del Bianco and Jon C Aster and Stephen C Blacklow},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
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Notch proteins constitute the receptors of a highly conserved signaling pathway that influences cell fate decisions both during development and in adulthood. A proteolytic cascade induced by ligand stimulation results in release of the intracellular Notch domain from the cell membrane, allowing it to enter the nucleus and form a complex with a DNA-bound transcription factor called CSL (CBF-1/RBP-J kappa, Suppressor of Hairless, and Lag-1) and a coactivator of the Mastermind family. Assembly of… CONTINUE READING