Mutational analysis of upstream AUG codons of poliovirus RNA.

  title={Mutational analysis of upstream AUG codons of poliovirus RNA.},
  author={J N Pelletier and M. E. Flynn and Gerardo Kaplan and Vincent R. Racaniello and Nahum Sonenberg},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={62 12},
The 5' untranslated region of poliovirus type 2 Lansing RNA consists of 744 nucleotides containing seven AUG codons which are followed by in-frame termination codons, thus forming short open reading frames (ORFs). To determine the biological significance of these small ORFs, all of the upstream AUG codons were mutated to UUG. The point mutations were introduced into an infectious poliovirus cDNA clone, and RNA transcribed in vitro from the altered cDNA was transfected into HeLa cells to recover… CONTINUE READING


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