Mutational analysis of endonuclease V from Thermotoga maritima.

  title={Mutational analysis of endonuclease V from Thermotoga maritima.},
  author={Jianmin Huang and Jing Hua Lu and Francis Barany and Weiguo Cao},
  volume={41 26},
Endonuclease V nicks damaged DNA at the second phosphodiester bond 3' to inosine, uracil, mismatched bases, or abasic (AP) sites. Alanine scanning mutagenesis was performed in nine conserved positions of Thermotoga maritima endonuclease V to identify amino acid residues involved in recognition or endonucleolytic cleavage of these diverse substrates. Alanine substitution at D43, E89, and D110 either abolishes or substantially reduces inosine cleavage activity. These three mutants gain binding… CONTINUE READING

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