Mutational analysis of a satellite phage activator.

  title={Mutational analysis of a satellite phage activator.},
  author={Bryan Julien and David C. Pountney and Gail E Christie and Richard Calendar},
  volume={223 1-2},
The late gene activator, Delta, of satellite phage P4 is more efficient than the Delta of satellite phage phiR73 in utilizing a P2 helper prophage that lacks an activator (ogr) gene. Analysis of P4 Delta is complicated by the fact that this protein contains two tandem phiR73 Delta-like domains. We performed a mutational analysis of phiR73 Delta, in order to select mutations that might not be found using P4 Delta. The host RNA polymerase alpha subunit mutation rpoA155 (L289F) blocks the growth… CONTINUE READING