Mutant Mos1 mariner transposons are hyperactive in Aedes aegypti.

  title={Mutant Mos1 mariner transposons are hyperactive in Aedes aegypti.},
  author={David W Pledger and Craig J. Coates},
  journal={Insect biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={35 10},
The development of genetic strategies to control the spread of mosquito-borne diseases through the use of class II transposons has been hampered by suboptimal rates of transformation and the absence of post-integration mobility for all transposons evaluated to date. Two Mos1 mariner transposase mutants were produced by the site-directed mutagenesis of amino acids, E137 and E264, to K and R, respectively. The effects of these mutations on the transpositional activities of Mos1-derived transposon… CONTINUE READING