Mutagenicity of methyl tertiary butyl ether.

  title={Mutagenicity of methyl tertiary butyl ether.},
  author={Wuxiong Zhou and Dongxing Yuan and Ge Huang and Hong-mei Zhang and Shaojing Ye},
  journal={Journal of environmental pathology, toxicology and oncology : official organ of the International Society for Environmental Toxicology and Cancer},
  volume={19 1-2},
Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), the main component of oxygenated gasoline, is added to gasoline as an octane enhancer to reduce automotive emissions. We evaluated the mutagenicity of domestic MTBE using the Ames test, unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) assay, and NIH/3T3 cell micronucleus test. MTBE did not show any mutagenic potential in the Ames assay (TA98, TA100 strains) with or without rat liver-derived metabolic activation system (S-9). In rat primary hepatocyte UDS assay, a dose… CONTINUE READING


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