Mutagenicity and tumor initiating activity of methylated benzo[k] fluoranthenes.

  title={Mutagenicity and tumor initiating activity of methylated benzo[k] fluoranthenes.},
  author={Nor Aishah Saidina Amin and Nasira Hussain and George Balanikas and Keith C. Huie and Stephen S Hecht},
  journal={Cancer letters},
  volume={26 3},
The mutagenic activities toward Salmonella typhimurium TA100 and tumor initiating activities on mouse skin of the polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons benzo[k]fluoranthene (BkF),2-methylBkF,8-methylBkF,9-methyl-BkF and 7,12-dimethylBkF were compared. BkF and 2-methylBkF were the most mutagenic of the compounds tested and had comparable activity; they were more active than 7,12-dimethylBkF. 8-MethylBkF and 9-methylBkF were not mutagenic. BkF and the methylated BkFs had similar tumor initiating… CONTINUE READING

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