Mutagenesis of a stacking contact in the MS2 coat protein-RNA complex.

  title={Mutagenesis of a stacking contact in the MS2 coat protein-RNA complex.},
  author={K A LeCuyer and Linda S. Behlen and O. C. Uhlenbeck},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={15 24},
The thermodynamic contribution of a stacking interaction between Tyr85 in MS2 coat protein and a single-stranded pyrimidine in its RNA binding site has been examined. Mutation of Tyr85 to Phe, His, Cys, Ser and Ala decreased the RNA affinity by 1-3 kcal/mol under standard binding conditions. Since the Phe, His and Cys 85 proteins formed UV photocrosslinks with iodouracil-containing RNA at the same rate as the wild-type protein, the mutant proteins interact with RNA in a similar manner. The pH… CONTINUE READING

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