Muslin-induced optic arachnoiditis ("gauzoma"): findings on CT and MR.

  title={Muslin-induced optic arachnoiditis ("gauzoma"): findings on CT and MR.},
  author={G. J. Felsberg and R. D. Tien and S Haplea and A. K. Osumi},
  journal={Journal of computer assisted tomography},
  volume={17 3},
We report a case with a paraophthalmic aneurysm that was wrapped with muslin because it was unclippable. Six months after wrapping, the patient developed gradual vision loss involving the ipsilateral eye. Both CT and MR studies demonstrated a loculated fluid collection with marked surrounding enhancement in the region of the previous surgery. Craniotomy revealed an abscess centered in the region of the aneurysmal wrapping. Pathological diagnosis was consistent with a foreign-body reaction with… CONTINUE READING

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