Muslims in Space: Observing Religious Rites in a New Environment

  title={Muslims in Space: Observing Religious Rites in a New Environment},
  author={Curator Cathleen S. Lewis},
  pages={108 - 115}
The first men to fly into space precipitated comments about religion and God, but for most of the history of human spaceflight these comments related to Christianity. As International Space Station partners recruit spacefarers from Islamic countries, they face new religious challenges. Islam is distinct from other large monotheistic religions by virtue of the fact that Muslim worship practices require routine attention to Earth geography and astronomy. It is a vantage point that changes in low… 
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Physical performance and training response during Ramadan observance, with particular reference to protein metabolism
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In most of the situations studied to date, Ramadan observance has had only limited adverse consequences for either training or competitive performance, and more information is needed on responses in situations where protein intake is likely to be inadequate and when vigorous muscle training is in progress.
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