Musical mode and estimation of time.

  title={Musical mode and estimation of time.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Lino de Oliveira Bueno and Danilo Ramos},
  journal={Perceptual and motor skills},
  volume={105 3 Pt 2},
This study assesses whether different musical modes can influence the subjective estimation of time. The three musical stimuli, each of 64.3 sec. duration, had the same harmonic structure, although each was constructed in a different mode: Ionian (major), Aeolian (minor), or Locrian (diminished) mode. Study participants were 108 undergraduate students (56 men and 52 women) in Education (n = 41), Psychology (n = 32), or Law (n = 35), ages 17 to 35 years and nonmusicians, who were divided into… CONTINUE READING