Musical expertise and personality – differences related to occupational choice and instrument categories

  title={Musical expertise and personality – differences related to occupational choice and instrument categories},
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Can musical ability be tested online?

Online administration of the MET proved to be a reliable and valid way to measure musical ability and musical sophistication was a better predictor of performance on the Melody than on the Rhythm subtest.



Exploring personality and musical self-perceptions among vocalists and instrumentalists at music colleges

The aim was to investigate whether vocalists and instrumentalists (N = 108) would differ in personality traits, such as the Big five dimensions, competence-based self-esteem, and musical

Singers take center stage! Personality traits and stereotypes of popular musicians

Despite some evidence that performing musicians tend to have distinct personality characteristics, there is little understanding of how specific positions in bands might be correlated with certain

Personality , Intelligence and Musical Instrument

An empirical study examining differences in personality traits and general intellectual ability of academic musicians was conducted on a sample of Macedonian musicians, consisting of four different

Music Training, Cognition, and Personality

It is revealed that individual differences influence who takes music lessons and for how long, personality variables are at least as good as cognitive variables at predicting music training, and future correlational studies of links between music training and non-musical ability should account for individual differences in personality.

Five-factor personality profiles among Norwegian musicians compared to the general workforce

The aim of the study was to investigate differences in personality traits between professional musicians and the general workforce, as well as differences in personality traits across subgroups of

Music Ensemble Participation: Personality Traits and Music Experience

The purpose of this study was two-fold: (1) to examine the relationship between personality type and ensemble choice and (2) to examine the differences in personality across age and music experience

Stereotypes and Personalities of Musicians

Abstract Folk fiddle players and Salvation Army brass band members completed the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI; H. J. Eysenck & S. B. G. Eysenck; 1964) and a questionnaire concerning their

Personality traits and alcohol consumption of classical and heavy metal musicians

Both classical and heavy metal musicians differed significantly in personality from the norms, having higher scores on extraversion, agreeableness, and especially intellect.

Perceived performance anxiety in advanced musicians specializing in different musical genres

Most research on musical performance anxiety has focused on musicians coming from a classical background, and performance anxiety experiences of musicians outside the western classical genre remain