Musical Drums with Harmonic Overtones

  title={Musical Drums with Harmonic Overtones},
  author={Chandrasekhara Venkata Sir Raman and Sivakali Kumar},
IT is well known that percussion instruments as a class give inharmonic overtones, and are thus musically defective. We find on investigation that a special type of musical drum which has long been known and used in India forms a very remarkable exception to the foregoing rule, as it gives harmonic overtones having the same relation of pitch to the fundamental tone as in stringed instruments. Five such harmonics (inclusive of the fundamental tone) can be elicited from the drumhead in this type… 
Some Recent Studies in Indian Musical Drums
AbstractDuring the last three years a study of the vibrations of the well-known Indian musical drums, the Mridangam and Thabala, has been carried out at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,
Theory of the indian musical drums—Part I
SummaryThe paper contains a discussion of the normal modes of vibration of a symmetrically loaded membrane in which the surface density varies as an inverse fractional power of the radial distance
The eigenspectra of Indian musical drums.
The mathematical model and the numerical method are able to handle both concentric and eccentric nonuniformities, which correspond, respectively, to the dayan and the bayan drums, and should find application in numerical sound synthesis.
Harmonic and Timbre Analysis of Tabla Strokes
This study has studied the timbre characteristics of nine strokes from each of five different tablas, which have unique harmonic and timbral characteristics at mid frequency range and have no uniqueness at low frequency ranges.
Rhythm analysis of tablā signal by detecting the cyclic pattern
A simple but novel methodology is presented to detect two important rhythmic aspects of tāla namely, tempo and mātrā by analysing the tablā signal and result indicates the superiority and effectiveness of the proposed methodology.
Automatic Musical Instrument Recognition
This chapter deals with analysis of musical instruments especially the Indian musical instruments by analyzing its sound with the idea that extract the perceptually relevant features from acoustic musical signals that a computer system “listen” to musical sounds and recognize which instrument is playing.
TablaNet : A Real-Time Online Musical Collaboration System for Indian Percussion by Mihir
TablaNet, a real-time online musical collaboration system for the tabla, a pair of North Indian hand drums, is proposed, based on a novel approach that combines machine listening and machine learning.
A Novel Method for Tempo Detection of INDIC Tala-s
  • S. Bhaduri, S. Saha, C. Mazumdar
  • Computer Science
    2014 Fourth International Conference of Emerging Applications of Information Technology
  • 2014
A simple and novel methodology for detecting tempo is presented, based on the extraction of beat/stroke/bol duration for any theka of INDIC tala-s, rendered with single, composite or absent strokes.