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Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design: When Engineering Meets Music

  title={Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design: When Engineering Meets Music},
  author={Thibault Bertrand and Konrad Kaczmarek and Larry Wilen},
  • Thibault Bertrand, Konrad Kaczmarek, Larry Wilen
  • Published in ICMC 2015
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • This paper documents an instrument-building course codeveloped by the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Department of Music at Yale University. The course focuses on the fundamentals of musical acoustics, electronic sound production, and instrument design through traditional lecture-based learning as well as a hands-on experimentation and building. The structure of the course, the primary pedagogical objectives, the facilities, and examples of final projects realized by the… CONTINUE READING

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