MusicMiner : Visualizing timbre distances of music as topographical maps

  title={MusicMiner : Visualizing timbre distances of music as topographical maps},
  author={Fabian M{\"o}rchen and Alfred Ultsch and Michael Thies and Ingo L{\"o}hken and Mario N{\"o}cker and Christian Stamm and Niko Efthymiou and Martin K{\"u}mmerer},
Timbre distances and similarities are an expression of the phenomenon that some music appears similar while other songs sound very different to us. The notion of genre is often used to categorize music, but songs from a single genre do not necessarily sound similar and vice versa. Instead we aim at a visualization of timbre similarities of sound within a music collection. We analyzed and compared a large amount of different audio features and psychoacoustic variants thereof for the purpose of… CONTINUE READING
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