Music perception in adult cochlear implant recipients.

  title={Music perception in adult cochlear implant recipients.},
  author={Mariana C. Leal and Young Je Shin and M A Laborde and M N Calmels and Sebastien Verges and St{\'e}phanie Lugardon and Sandrine Andrieu and Olivier D{\'e}guine and Bernard Fraysse},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={123 7},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate musical perception in adult cochlear implant (CI) recipients, i.e. perceptual accuracy for pitch, timbre, rhythmic patterns and song identification. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-nine adult patients were included in this transverse single-center study. Evaluative measures included tests assessing ability to discriminate pitch, rhythm and timbre and to identify nursery songs with and without verbal cues. Performance scores were correlated with duration of deafness, duration… CONTINUE READING

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