Music in Diasporic Context: The Case of Curaçao and Intra-Caribbean Migration

  title={Music in Diasporic Context: The Case of Curaçao and Intra-Caribbean Migration},
  author={Rose Mary Allen},
  journal={Black Music Research Journal},
  pages={51 - 65}
  • R. Allen
  • Published 22 September 2012
  • Art
  • Black Music Research Journal
Curacao, one of the Dutch islands in the Caribbean, could be said to be caught between and betwixt different identities: being Curacaoan, Antillean, Caribbean, Latin American, and Dutch. In everyday life, people seem to switch between these sometimes conflicting identities in their expression of culture. Curacao as Part of the Caribbean and the African Diaspora The question of what it means for a Curacaoan to be part of the Caribbean has not received much scholarly attention. The Netherlands… 
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