Music-brand congruency in highand low-cognition radio advertising

  title={Music-brand congruency in highand low-cognition radio advertising},
  author={Anne M. Lavack and Mrugank V. Thakor and Ingrid G Bottausci},
  journal={International Journal of Advertising},
  pages={549 - 568}
Many radio commercials use background music to accompany a message. This research examines how brand-congruent music (i.e. music that ‘fits’ the brand) will affect ‘Attitude towards the Ad’ (AAd) and ‘Attitude towards the Brand’ (ABrand), specifically when used with different types of ad copy that are more or less demanding of cognitive resources (high-cognition vs low-cognition advertising copy). In high-cognition ads, congruent music results in a more positive AAd and ABrand compared to… Expand
Typology of advertising music components and consumers’ responses to the brand
  • Alice Zoghaib
  • Psychology
  • Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition)
  • 2019
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How Does Music-Message Congruency in Online Video Advertisements Enhance Consumers’ Behavior Intentions? A Serial Multiple Mediator Model
  • Yongzhong Yang, Ruo Yang, Xiaoting Song, Yunyan Tang
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • IEEE Access
  • 2021
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