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Music as Narrative

  title={Music as Narrative},
  author={Fred Everett Maus},
For many listeners, some instrumental music, especially in the tradition from Haydn and Mozart through Brahms, invites comparison to drama or narrative. l The comparisons are not between individual compositions and individual plays or novels; rather, individual compositions, or genres of composition, are thought to be dramatic or narrative in some more general way. What about the music encourages such comparisons? In order to think about relations between literary narrative and classic or… 

“I”-Tunes: Multiple Subjectivities and Narrative Method in Computer Music

This essay considers musical discourse that draws on literary theories of narrative, but it also examines techniques that derive directly from computer music's distinctive features and capabilities.

Understanding the Leitmotif: From Wagner to Hollywood Film Music

1. Introduction: the leitmotif problem Part I. Musical Themes: 2. Motive, phrase, melody, and theme 3. Thematic development, thematic identity: musical themes and the prototype model Part II. Musical

Representing a Relationship: Notes on a Beethoven Concerto

IN E. M. FORSTER'S MISCELLANY Abinger Harvest one of the items is an aggressively familiar essay about music entitled "Word-Making and SoundTaking." "Capricious insertions of words, parallels,

So What Does "Set Fire to the Rain" Really Mean? A Typology for Analyzing Pop Song Lyrics Using Narrative Theory and Semiotics

IntroductionLyrics that tell a story have always been a defining characteristic of American popular music. Musical adaptations of nineteenth-century folklore (The Ballad of John Henry), teenage

Towards a performance of Scriabin's Sonata No. 6, Op. 62 : a practice-led exploration

Pianist and composer Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915) is regarded as one of the most unique and important innovators of the early modernist Russian school. His search for new and more complex

Retelling, Memory-Work, and Metanarrative: Two Musical-Artistic Mediations for Sexual Minorities and Majorities in Tokyo

Music is not only something to play, but it is also a way to produce a new sharable metanarrative through musical practice, which could represent a renewed set of social values in which people of

Transmedial Narratology: Theoretical Foundations and Some Applications (Fiction, Single Pictures, Instrumental Music)

ABSTRACT:Drawing on research by, among others, Monika Fludernik, Marie-Laure Ryan, and previous publications by the author, the present article outlines the foundations of a transmedial narratology

Affective Resonance: On the Uses and Abuses of Music In and For Philosophy

Because music communicates extra-propositionally, philosophers often use musical concepts and metaphors to discuss implicit and/or affective knowledges. Music is a productive means to philosophically

Integration and the American Musical: From Musical Theatre to Performance Studies

In this dissertation, I challenge the discourse of integration that has long served as the foundation of musical theatre historiography. Integration ostensibly refers to an artful melding of the

Telling Tales: The Use of Byron Almén’s Musical Narrative Theory as a Filter for a Performance of Nikolai Medtner’s Sonata-Skazka Op.25 No.1 (1910)

My project overlays Byron Almen’s narrative interpretation to Russian composer Nikolai Medtner’s Sonata-Skazka Op.25 No.1 (1910), in response to the discursive implications explicated in its