Music and Discourse: Toward a Semiology of Music

  title={Music and Discourse: Toward a Semiology of Music},
  author={Richard Wood Massi and Jean-Jacques Nattiez and Carolyn Abbate},
  journal={International Review of The Aesthetics and Sociology of Music},
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The Representation of Meaning in Post-Millennial Rock
For millennia, philosophers and musicians have pondered how meaning can be represented in music. Rock music of the first ten years of the new millennium has included a great deal of experimental work
Music as The Between: The Idea of Meeting in Existence, Music and Education
As a violinist, teacher, and thinker, I am concerned to articulate the relevance of music to the lives of my audience, my students and myself. But my concern is not merely to describe the meanings
Process and Product in Theology and Musical Aesthetics: Improvisation as Interdisciplinary Topos
  • A. Love
  • Philosophy, Art
    Nineteenth-Century Music Review
  • 2008
In the course of the development of Western culture, the ideas of Plato have wielded enormous influence. One of Plato's most influential ideas is his particular conception of truth. For Plato, truth
Communicative contract analysis: an approach to popular music analysis
Abstract Communicative contract analysis constructs an analytic methodology, taking musical semiotics as a theoretical basis, to look at the ways in which pieces of popular music define themselves
Music Dramaturgy and Human Reactions: Music as a Means for Communication
The main topic of this paper refers to how music communicates and to what it communicates, either considering or not the usage of modern technologies. Based on the categorisation of music dramaturgy
Riding the rhythms: A short survey and critique of Australian popular music studies and its relationship to mainstream Australian Ethno-/Musicology
Abstract This article gives a brief overview of the international development of popular music studies, its establishment in Australia and aspects of its relationship to mainstream ethno-/musicology
From Body Resonances to Cultural Values: Insights on Music, Analysis and Mediations
The main topic of this paper is the relationship between music and social structures. It focuses on the role of the body and analysis as grounds for mediations between both. Using music semiotics as
A Sign of the Times: Semiotics in Anglo-American Musicology
Abstract This article provides a critical account of the appropriation of semiotics in Anglo-American musicology, its theoretical and discursive foundations, and its impact on the discipline in the
The Question of Purpose in Music Theory: Description, Suggestion, and Explanation
In any discipline, it is desirable to have a clear sense of what the goal is. What are we trying to achieve, and how will we know when we have succeeded? Music theory has hardly shirked these
Semiotics as a Method for the Study of Popular Music
Resume This article examines the role of semiotics as a method for studying popular music. It is based on the premise that current studying of popular music lacks both musicological depth and a