Music and Aggression: The Impact of Sexual-Aggressive Song Lyrics on Aggression-Related Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior Toward the Same and the Opposite Sex

  title={Music and Aggression: The Impact of Sexual-Aggressive Song Lyrics on Aggression-Related Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior Toward the Same and the Opposite Sex},
  author={Peter Fischer and Tobias Greitemeyer},
  journal={Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin},
  pages={1165 - 1176}
Three studies examined the impact of sexual-aggressive song lyrics on aggressive thoughts, emotions, and behavior toward the same and the opposite sex. In Study 1, the authors directly manipulated whether male or female participants listened to misogynous or neutral song lyrics and measured actual aggressive behavior. Male participants who were exposed to misogynous song lyrics administered more hot chili sauce to a female than to a male confederate. Study 2 shed some light on the underlying… 

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Do beliefs about gender roles moderate the relationship between exposure to misogynistic song lyrics and men's female‐directed aggression?

Results indicated that misogynistic lyrics and hostile sexism significantly predicted both unprovoked and provoked aggression against a female target, and moderating effects of gender role beliefs on the relationship between misogynisticyrics and men's aggression were not found.

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Misogynistic peers, masculinity, and bystander intervention for sexual aggression: Is it really just “locker‐room talk?”

Findings indicate that exposure to peers who sexually objectify and disrespect women decreases prosocial bystander intervention and provide evidence that misogynistic peer norms heighten men's adherence to a hegemonic masculinity that men should attain social status, thereby deterring bystander behavior for sexual aggression.

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The tempo of the song did not consistently increase self- reported arousal, and it was argued that these effects might have been confounded by other musical parameters related to time, pitch, texture, or voice of the selected songs.

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The nonsignificant difference between the sexually explicit songs and the nonsexual songs challenges the psychological and lay theories that exposure to sexually explicit music instigates attitudinal change.

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Love on the Brain”: Exploring the Influence of Lyrics on Sexting Savannah Leigh Kroff School of Family Life, BYU Master of Science While some research has been done on the influence of music lyrics



Exposure to violent media: the effects of songs with violent lyrics on aggressive thoughts and feelings.

College students who hearing a violent song felt more hostile than those who heard a similar but nonviolent song, and trait hostility was positively related to state hostility but did not moderate the song lyric effects.

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of cognitive distortions concerning women on sexually aggressive behavior in the laboratory. Twenty-seven men listened to misogynous rap music

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The General Affective Aggression Model [Anderson CA, Deuser WE, DeNeve KM (1995): Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 21:434-448; Anderson CA, Anderson KB, Deuser WE (1996): Personality and

The sex-->aggression link: a perception-behavior dissociation.

The perceptual and behavioral responses to sex priming are consistent with the experiences men and women typically have with sex and aggression.

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Role of cognitive-emotional mediators and individual differences in the effects of media violence on aggression.

Two experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that observation of media violence elicits thoughts and emotional responses related to aggression, and aggressive cognitions increased with the level of violence in the videotape, and physical assaultiveness influenced this effect.