Music Video Forerunners in Early Television Programming: A Look at WCPO‐TV's Innovations and Contributions in the 1950s

  title={Music Video Forerunners in Early Television Programming: A Look at WCPO‐TV's Innovations and Contributions in the 1950s},
  author={Heather Mcintosh},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
  pages={259 - 272}
  • H. Mcintosh
  • Published 1 September 2004
  • Art
  • Popular Music and Society
Around twenty years ago a buzz about a “new” and “innovative” art form crackled through the music industry. This form, music video, paired popular songs with series of incoherent images held together by thin narratives. It became a unique promotional tool for performing artists and their record companies. Cable channel MTV offered an outlet for these videos and in doing so helped fuel the hype surrounding them. The hype focused primarily on the visual—cutting-edge editing, eye-popping special… 
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