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Music Producers.(Book Reviews: The Physics of Musical Instruments.)

  title={Music Producers.(Book Reviews: The Physics of Musical Instruments.)},
  author={Neville H. Fletcher and T. D. Rossing},
Physical modelling of brass instruments using finite-difference time-domain methods
This work considers the synthesis of brass instrument sounds using time-domain numerical methods. The operation of such a brass instrument is as follows. The player’s lips are set into motion by
The Intrinsic Value of Timbre in Doppelganger
In Doppelgänger, an artistic concept on a large physical scale with a high degree of control over timbre is combined with a method of simulating the timbre of the sound objects using models of mallets and plates.
Sound radiation measurements on guitars and other stringed musical instruments
This thesis focuses on physical measurements of the sound radiated by stringed musical instruments. The radiation efficiency, defined as the ratio of acoustical power output to mechanical power
Bayesian methods in music modelling
The links between the models and inference algorithms developed in this thesis with that in existing and parallel work are emphasized, and the importance of making modi cations to these models both theoretically and by means of experimental results are emphasized.
Investigation into relative temperature measurement of pulsed constrained gas flow using passive acoustic means
i Abstract Investigation into relative temperature measurement of pulsed constrained gas flow using passive acoustic means Brian J. Moss The requirement to measure the real time, dynamic temperature
The Perception of Family and Register in Musical Tones
This chapter is about the sounds made by musical instruments and how we perceive them. It explains the basics of musical note perception, such as why a particular instrument plays a specific range of
Design and analysis of a modified kantele with increased loudness
Summary The kantele, an ancient plucked string instrument, belongs to the family of zithers, and it is still used in traditional folk music in Finland, Northwest Russia, and the Baltic countries.
Full-Band Quasi-Harmonic Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Instrument Sounds with Adaptive Sinusoids
Sinusoids are widely used to represent the oscillatory modes of musical instrument sounds in both analysis and synthesis. However, musical instrument sounds feature transients and instrumental noise
Analysis and Synthesis of the Handpan Sound
Handpan is a term used to describe a group of struck metallic musical instruments, which are similar in shape and sound to the Hang, developed by PANArt in January 2000. The Hang is a hand played
Der Klang von Kirchenglocken: Modellierungen, Abschätzungen und Experimente mit dem Smartphone
Kirchenglocken gehoren zu den altesten Musikinstrumenten uberhaupt, sind trotz zahlreicher Forschungsarbeiten noch immer nicht vollstandig verstanden und drangen sich aus unterschiedlichsten Grunden