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Music Majors And Meditation Practice: A Phenomenological Study

  title={Music Majors And Meditation Practice: A Phenomenological Study},
  author={Travis N. Baird},
The purpose of this phenomenological study was to examine undergraduate and graduate music majors’ perceived experiences while learning and practicing a meditation technique. Guiding research questions included: 1) How did meditation practice alter participants’ thoughts related to music performance? 2) How did meditation practice influence participants’ perceived Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) symptoms? 3) What aspects of meditation practice did participants find most/least helpful in… Expand

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Open-Ended Survey Meditation and Music Performance Anxiety Background Questionnaire November 9, 2015 For all questions: add extra space as needed
  • 2015
Participant Letter and Consent Form Participant Letter and Consent Form, Distributed Prior to the Study
  • September 7,
  • 2015