Music Information Seeking Opportunities and Behavior Then and Now

  title={Music Information Seeking Opportunities and Behavior Then and Now},
  author={Kirstin Dougan},
This Chapter provides a summary of the challenges faced by music searchers and a chronological overview of how music information seeking capabilities and resulting user behavior in library settings have changed over time as bibliographic control tools have evolved from card catalogs to online discovery systems. It revisits some of the studies reviewed by King in 2005 and also evaluates studies done in the decade since, identifying trends in music information seeking behavior. Finally, it looks… Expand


Catalog User Search Strategies in Finding Music Materials
The access points catalog users choose in finding sound recordings and scores are examined, and how difficulties in music searching influence search strategies are examined. Expand
Survey Of Music Information Needs, Uses, And Seeking Behaviours: Preliminary Findings
A multigroup survey in an attempt to acquire information that can help eradicate false assumptions in designing MIR systems, and two major themes have been uncovered thus far that could have a significant influence on the future development of successful MIR/MDL systems. Expand
The Detail Behind Web-Scale: Selecting and Configuring Web-Scale Discovery Tools to Meet Music Information Retrieval Needs
This article identifies, explores, and makes recommendations regarding key music-related aspects to consider when selecting and implementing a discovery tool, considering scope, metadata, and interface. Expand
An ethnographic study of music information seeking: implications for the design of a music digital library
An ethnographic study of the searching/browsing techniques employed by people in the researchers' local communities, as they use two common sources of music: the public library and music stores is conducted. Expand
Finding the right notes: an observational study of score and recording seeking behaviors of music students
Abstract There are several complexities inherent in searching for music materials and many possible starting points both within the library and outside of it. This study uses task observation as wellExpand
Moving to the Patron's Beat
How next‐generation library catalogs and discovery platforms have the potential to transform the challenges inherent in finding music materials in library collections is examined. Expand
Creating a specialized music search interface in a traditional OPAC environment
It is confirmed that an effective specialized music search interface could be created at no additional cost and with minimal effort, and that coupling a keyword search with pre‐search format limiting was an effective strategy. Expand
Analysis of user needs and information features in natural language queries seeking music information
This study found that most of the queries analyzed were known-item searches, and most contained a wide variety of kinds of information, although a few features were used much more heavily than the others. Expand
Information seeking behaviors of music students
– This paper seeks to explore how and via what tools music students are identifying, locating, and accessing music materials – specifically scores and recordings – for use in their music studies. ItExpand
Music Materials in a Faceted Catalog: Interviews with Faculty and Graduate Students
This study, conducted by the music cataloger, considers needs of music researchers and captures user input on five facets formerly in Lens—Format, Topic, Genre, Geographical Region, and Time Period—as well as information on how users employ music uniform titles in their research. Expand