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Music, Race and Nation: Musica Tropical in Colombia

  title={Music, Race and Nation: Musica Tropical in Colombia},
  author={Peter Wade},
Champeta music: between regional popularity and national rejection, Colombia 1970-2000
ABSTRACT Champeta is the music from the Colombian Caribbean coast and extremely popular in Afro-descendant communities of any age, increasingly fancied by non-black people as well. Despite being
Can't Beat Me Own Drum in Me Own Native Land : Calypso Music and Tourism in the Panamanian Atlantic Coast
The connection between music and identity is especially evident in the African diaspora. In the Caribbean, music is particularly important to the cultural and ethnic identities of black populations.
Racial identity and nationalism: a theoretical view from Latin America
The empirical intersection of ideas about race and nation are well-established, but theoretical explanations for this are less developed. Some ideas are advanced about how and why ideologies of race,
What is history? Reflections from the edge of empires, nation-states, and disciplines
The essay outlines the political aims, projects, and laws of the Wayúu in relation to memory, ritual, ceremony, and territory, as well as empires, nation-states, and disciplines and questions the primacy of written sources and their interpretation within the discipline of history.
Playing with Others and Selves: Australian Aboriginal Desert Musicians on Tour
Based on extensive fieldwork among Aboriginal country, rock and reggae musicians in the Central Australian deserts, the present paper expands the analytical theme of mediation for exploring
‘Una Raza, Dos Etnias’: The Politics Of Be(com)ing/Performing ‘Afropanameño’
This article analyzes 20th-century black identity in Panamá by examining how two distinct points on a spectrum of Panamanian blackness came to fit strategically (although sometimes contentiously)
García Márquez, macondismo, and the soundscapes of vallenato
This article is about the role of García Márquez and particularly macondismo as an ideology in establishing the canonic validity of vallenato as a folk genre from the Colombian Caribbean. García
Afro-Colombian internal migration and participatory music: Ethnically and politically charged religious festivals in Bogota
  • J. Rojas
  • Political Science
    Musicae Scientiae
  • 2021
This paper reports an analysis of the roles of music performance in traditional patron saint celebrations from Afro-Colombian communities originally from the Pacific region but who currently live in
Aping Blackness: Reading and Evaluating Racialized Images in Cartagena, Colombia
  • M. Valle
  • Art
    Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
  • 2021
Why are residents of a city racialized as Black overwhelmingly in favor of representations of Blackness that caricature Afro-descendants as subservient, hypersexual and licentious, jovial,