Mushrooms of North America

  title={Mushrooms of North America},
  author={Clark T. Rogerson and Orson K. Miller},
A multigene molecular phylogenetic assessment of true morels (Morchella) in Turkey.
Results of the present study provide essential data for ensuring the sustainability of morel harvests through the formulation of sound conservation policies and nearly fully resolved phylogenies that were highly concordant topologically. Expand
Last Chance to Know? Using Literature to Explore the Biogeography and Invasion Biology of the Death Cap Mushroom Amanita phalloides (Vaill. ex Fr. :Fr.) Link
The literature of Amanita phalloides is used as a case study to illustrate both the limited utility of the historical record in establishing ectomycorrhizal species as introduced or invasive, and the difficulty of using modern records to establish a current biogeography. Expand
A New Record of a Snowbank Fungus, Mycena overholtsii, from Japan
This report provides the first record of Mycena overholtsii from Japan, and macro- and microscopic features are described and illustrated. This species was found growing in clusters on clusters onExpand
New and interesting ectomycorrhizal fungi from Puerto Rico, Mona, and Guana Islands
Abstract A report of putative ectomycorrhizal fungi from Puerto Rico, Mona, and Guana Island in the Greater Antilles includes four species of Amanita, three of which are new species; two Lactarius,Expand
Calvatia rugosa: Epigeous Puffball Mushroom Reported from West Java
The particular Calvatia looked like pear-shaped or puffball-shaped and cream to brownish outside and cream-shaped outside and the basidiospore was finely globose and free of ornament. Expand
Desarmillaria caespitosa, a North American vicariant of D. tabescens
Phylogenetic analyses of five independent gene regions show that D. caespitosa and D. tabescens are separated by nodes with strong support, and a new combination of the two species, D.Caesitosa-tabescens, is proposed. Expand
Detection of mycotoxins from some micro and macro endophytic ascomycetes fungi
The immense importance of endophytic fungi in industries has attracted the attention of researchers for their chemical and biochemical properties. Some of ascomycetes fungal species like Penicillium,Expand
A survey of the macroscopic fungi of the Lula Lake Land Trust
I conducted a survey of the macroscopic fungi in an area designated as Chestnut Orchard #1 of the Lula Lake Land Trust from May 29, 1999 to March 8, 2000. The purpose of the survey centered on makingExpand