Museum of Texas Tech University Number 336 3 November 2015


During a study of the helminth parasites of stingrays from the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula of México, four specimens of Glyphobothrium zwerneri were collected from Rhinoptera bonasus, Cownose Ray, off the Gulf of Mexico coast of Campeche, México and examined. The scolex of these worms had bothridia with an anterior sucker on each, a feature not reported in the original description but verified as present on type material. The discovery of this feature necessitated an emended diagnosis of the genus, an emendment of the description of the species, and establishment of the family Glyphobothriidae fam. nov. for Glyphobothrium and Duplicibothrium. The details of the anterior sucker and the scolex that are common to Glyphobothrium and Duplicibothrium and the possible relationships of Tiarabothrium and Echeneibothrium with Glyphobothrium and Duplicibothrium are presented.

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