Muscular synergy in the shoulder during a fatiguing static contraction.

  title={Muscular synergy in the shoulder during a fatiguing static contraction.},
  author={H L Nieminen and E. P. Takala and Jari Niemi and E. Viikari-Juntura},
  journal={Clinical biomechanics},
  volume={10 6},
The synergic operation of shoulder muscles during a fatiguing submaximal arm flexion task was studied using both a biomechanical 3-dimensional shoulder model and electromyographic recordings. A new optimization scheme aiming to maximize the task endurance time by constantly regulating the force output of each muscle is utilized in the model. The method can be used to simulate the muscle rotation phenomenon, which has been proposed to occur during an endurance type contraction. The model… CONTINUE READING

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