Muscleblind protein, MBNL1/EXP, binds specifically to CHHG repeats.

  title={Muscleblind protein, MBNL1/EXP, binds specifically to CHHG repeats.},
  author={Yoshihiro Kino and Daisuke Mori and Yoko Oma and Yuya Takeshita and Noboru Sasagawa and Shoichi Ishiura},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={13 5},
Myotonic dystrophy (DM) type 1 is caused by an expansion of a CTG repeat in the DMPK gene and type 2 by a CCTG repeat in the ZNF9 gene. Previous reports have suggested that transcripts containing expanded CUG/CCUG repeats might have toxic gain-of-function effects, probably affecting the function of RNA-binding proteins in the pathogenesis of DM. Here, it was attempted to compare the RNA-binding properties of three proteins, CUG-BP, MBNL1/EXP and PKR, which have previously been suggested to… CONTINUE READING