Muscle strength and fatigue after selective glycogen depletion in human skeletal muscle fibers

  title={Muscle strength and fatigue after selective glycogen depletion in human skeletal muscle fibers},
  author={Ira Jacobs and Peter M Kaiser and P. P. Tesch},
  journal={European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology},
Two groups of male subjects were studied to examine the effects of different exercise protocols on performance of an isokinetic, short-time strength test, the performance of which is related to fast twitch (FT) muscle fiber recruitment. The laboratory group (LG) (n=10) cycled (30 min, 70% VO2 max), ran (75 min), and performed repeated bouts of “sprint” cycling and rapid, maximal contractions of the quadriceps. The marathon group (MG) (n=7) participated in and completed Stockholm's Marathon 1979… CONTINUE READING


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