Muscle proteins--their actions and interactions.

  title={Muscle proteins--their actions and interactions.},
  author={Kenneth C. Holmes},
  journal={Current opinion in structural biology},
  volume={6 6},
Muscle contracts by the myosin cross-bridges "rowing' the actin filaments past the myosin filaments. In the past year many structural details of this mechanism have become clear. Structural studies indicate distinct states for myosin S1 in the rigor, ATP or "down' conformation and in the products complex (ADP.Pi) or "up' to state. Crystallographic studies substantiate this classification and yield details of the transformation. The isomerization "up' to "down' is the power stroke of muscle… CONTINUE READING

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Geometrical Conditions Indispensable for Muscle Contraction

International journal of molecular sciences • 2011

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