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Muscle activity during walking. Human walking

  title={Muscle activity during walking. Human walking},
  author={J. Boakes},
Human Gait with Reference to Age, Gender and Impact of Load: A Review
This review paper summarizes the available literature regarding the analysis of human gait of with reference to age and its effect on the performance. The ability to walk upright on two legsExpand
Fibre operating lengths of human lower limb muscles during walking
  • E. Arnold, S. Delp
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
  • 2011
This work combined experimental measurements of joint angles and muscle activation patterns during walking with a musculoskeletal model to produce a simulation of muscle–tendon dynamics during walking and calculated fibre operating lengths, finding that muscles operate on multiple limbs of the force–length curve, but are active within a smaller portion of their total operating range. Expand
Evolutionary Robotic Approaches in Primate Gait Analysis
An evolutionary robotics model of humanoid running is used and it is shown that elastic storage is required for efficient, high-performance running and that identification of the presence or otherwise of this tendon is essential for identifying when and where in the fossil record human style running originated. Expand
Muscular coordination of knee motion during the terminal-swing phase of normal gait.
It is hypothesized that the diminished knee extension in terminal swing exhibited by children with cerebral palsy may, in part, be caused by weak hip extensors or by impaired hip muscles on the stance limb that result in abnormal accelerations of the pelvis. Expand