Muscimol binding in rat brain: Association with synaptic GABA receptors

  title={Muscimol binding in rat brain: Association with synaptic GABA receptors},
  author={K. Beaumont and William Scott Chilton and Henry I. Yamamura and Sam J Enna},
  journal={Brain Research},
[3H]Muscimol binding to crude synaptic membrane fractions of the rat central nervous is saturable with a high affinity dissociation constant of 2.2 nM. The regional distribution of this binding in rat brain and the effects of freezing, sodium and Triton X-100 are similar to those previously reported for [3H]GABA binding to the the synaptic GABA receptor site. Also, the substrate specificity of [3H]muscimol binding is identifical to that observed for the GABA receptor. Thus, [3H]muscimol is… CONTINUE READING

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