Muscarinic IPSPs in rat striatal cholinergic interneurones.

  title={Muscarinic IPSPs in rat striatal cholinergic interneurones.},
  author={Paolo Calabresi and Diego Centonze and Antonio Pisani and Giuseppe Sancesario and R Alan North and Giorgio Bernardi},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={510 ( Pt 2)},
1. Intracellular recordings were made from neurones in slice of rat striatum in vitro. 2. The forty-nine neurones studied were immunoreactive for choline acetyltransferase and had the electrophysiological characteristics typical of large aspiny interneurones. 3. Focal stimulation of the slice elicited a hyperpolarizing inhibitory postsynaptic potential in thirty-five neurones. This IPSP lasted 0.5-1 s and reversed polarity at a membrane potential which was dependent on the logarithm of the… CONTINUE READING


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Spontaneous activity of neostriatal cholinergic interneurons in vitro.

The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience • 1999
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