Murine B cells regulate serum IgE levels in a CD23-dependent manner.

  title={Murine B cells regulate serum IgE levels in a CD23-dependent manner.},
  author={Laurence E. Cheng and Zhi-en Wang and Richard M Locksley},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={185 9},
The manifestations of allergic disorders are closely tied to the biologic effects of IgE activation with Ag. In immediate hypersensitivity reactions, IgE effector function requires prior binding to innate immune cells, primarily mast cells and basophils, with the blood acting as a reservoir for unbound IgE. As the severity of allergic disease is proportional to the size of this unbound IgE pool, we hypothesized that cellular mechanisms exist to limit the size and/or enhance the clearance of… CONTINUE READING

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