Corpus ID: 159165093

Murillo Torrecilla, F. Javier (2005). La Investigación sobre Eficacia Escolar. Barcelona: Octaedro. 320 págs.

  title={Murillo Torrecilla, F. Javier (2005). La Investigaci{\'o}n sobre Eficacia Escolar. Barcelona: Octaedro. 320 p{\'a}gs.},
  author={Guadalupe Ru{\'i}z Cuellar},
  • Guadalupe Ruíz Cuellar
  • Published 2018
  • Political Science
  • I must begin this text by noting that I was very pleased to receive the invitation of Margarita Zorrilla to comment on the work of Javier Murillo, The research on school effectiveness, in the framework of the VIII National Congress of Educational Research. The Congress is a meeting and meeting place for researchers, of course, but also for many educational actors - teachers of all levels, managers, officials - for whom I was - and I am - sure that this work would be of great interest. 

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