Murderers Who Rape and Mutilate

  title={Murderers Who Rape and Mutilate},
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In comparing sexual murderers with a history of sex abuse (n = 12) with murderers without such a history (n = 16), findings that approach a level of significance between early sexual abuse and sexual deviations include zoophilia (.06) and sexual sadism (.07) with the ultimate expression of the murderer's perversion being the mutilation of the victim. Murderers with sexual abuse histories report fantasizing about rape earlier than murderers without sexual abuse histories (.05) and report… 
Sexual Homicide: a Criminological Perspective
This review presents recent findings of research focusing on sexual homicide and examines international comparative studies of victim, offender, and crime characteristics, as well as reviewing characteristics of sexual homicide involving children and elderly victims.
Profiles in the Offending Process of Nonserial Sexual Murderers
Investigation of specific pathways in the offending processes of nonserial sexual murderers and possible relationships with different precrime, per-crime, and postcrime factors found mutilation, humiliation, and physical restraints were less predominant with participants than with those using the sadistic pathway.
Arrest and Prosecution of Animal Sex Abuse (Bestiality) Offenders in the United States, 1975–2015
  • M. Edwards
  • Law, Psychology
    The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
  • 2019
The results suggest that animal sex offending may be linked to other criminal behavior, and involves a spectrum of sexual acts, including coercive, violent, and non-violent penetration; solicitation for sex with animals; and deviant behavior including torture and necrophilia.
Homicidal and Nonhomicidal Child Molesters: Psychological, Phallometric, and Criminal Features
Seventeen extrafamilial homicidal child molesters (HCM) were compared to 35 convicted extrafamilial child molesters (CM) who had not murdered, or attempted to murder, their victims. The two groups
Sexual murders and sexual serial killers have always been of popular interest with the public. Professionals are still mystified as to why sexual killers commit the “ultimate crime” of both sexual
Serial Rapists and Their Victims: Reenactment and Repetition a
The major finding in this study of 41 serial rapists is the large numbers of reported and unreported victims. For over 1200 attempted and completed rapes, there were 200 convictions. The hidden rapes
Female Sexual Homicide Offenders
Limited information exists regarding the criminal phenomenon of female sexual homicide. Using FBI’s Supplemental Homicide Report (SHR) data spanning 32 years (1976-2007), 204 female sexual homicide
An exploration of incest in the childhood development of serial rapists
This paper explores the phenomenon of male incest in a sample of 41 incarcerated serial rapists. Of 31 men who reported childhood sexual abuse (penetration, exploitation, and/or witnessing), just
Victim body mutilation in sexual homicides: Exploring Chinese sexual homicide cases.
Findings indicate that offenders who mutilated their victims were more likely than those who did not mutilate the victim to have a previous sexual offense conviction.


Childhood sexual abuse in the lives of sexually aggressive offenders.
The incidence of sexual assault in childhood among child molesters was higher than the incidence of such abuse reported in the literature and when a sexual assault did occur, it was associated with many other indices of familial turmoil and instability.
Sexual Killers and Their Victims
The study of crime scene profiling efforts elicits two important patterns of sexual murders: organized and disorganized. These law enforcement categories have been derived from evidence and patterns
Early sexual experience and prostitution.
The authors compared several aspects of early sexual experience found in two earlier studies of prostitutes with results of research on "normal" women. The prostitutes had in common many negative
Victims of violence and psychiatric illness.
The authors investigated the relationship between physical and sexual abuse and psychiatric illness. The life experiences of 188 male and female psychiatric patients were reconstructed through an
Sexual Homicide
The findings from this exploratory study are reported in terms of the descriptive background characteristics of 36 sexual murderers, their behaviors and experiences in connection with their
The Sadistic Murderer
It is important to distinguish the mtu-derer who kills in a sexual setting, as for example the killing of a taunting, imsatisfied sexual partner or killing to silence a victim of rape, from the true sadistic murderer who alone is considered m this paper, although these can be factors in his case also.
Response patterns in children and adolescents exploited through sex rings and pornography.
A study of 66 children and adolescents exploited by adults through sex rings and pornography shows that three-fourths of the victims demonstrated patterns of negative psychological and social
Sadistic Fantasy, Sadistic Behaviour and Offending
Investigation revealed repetitive sadistic masturbatory fantasies which had spilled over into overt behaviour because the patients had felt impelled to seek and create increasingly dangerous in vivo 'try-outs' of their fantasies.
Father-Daughter Incest
The incest taboo is universal in human culture. Though it varies from one culture to another, it is generally considered by anthropologists to be the foundation of all kinship structures.