Murder by the book: using crime fiction as a bibliotherapeutic resource

  title={Murder by the book: using crime fiction as a bibliotherapeutic resource},
  author={Liz Brewster},
  journal={Medical Humanities},
  pages={62 - 67}
  • L. Brewster
  • Published 31 October 2016
  • Art, Psychology
  • Medical Humanities
Crime is a popular genre of fiction, widely read but sometimes seen as ‘throwaway’. Disregarding this type of fiction because it is seen as low quality does not take into account its value to readers. Reading has been established as a means of improving mental health and well-being—often known as bibliotherapy. This often focuses on fiction considered to have literary merit rather than genre fiction like crime. However, in framing therapeutic reading in this way, the impact of texts considered… 
Rethinking bibliotherapy: a neurorhetoric narratology model for addiction treatment
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  • Psychology
    Health information and libraries journal
  • 2018
Preliminary findings suggest this new model can offer the residents of a women's AOD treatment centre in Tampa, Florida a new bibliotherapy track that employs less emotionally triggering texts that will be useful for treatment.
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