Muon anomalous magnetic dipole moment in supersymmetric theories


We study the muon anomalous magnetic dipole moment in supersymmetric theories. The impact of the recent Brookhaven E821 experimental measurement on both modelindependent and model-dependent supersymmetric parameter spaces is discussed in detail. We find that values of tanβ as low as 3 can be obtained while remaining within the E821 one-sigma bound. This requires a light smuon; however, we show that, somewhat surprisingly, no model-independent bound can be placed on the mass of the lightest chargino for any tanβ ≥ 3. We also show that the maximum contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment are insensitive to CP-violating phases. We provide analyses of the supersymmetric contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment in dilaton-dominated supergravity models and gauge-mediated supersymmetrybreaking models. Finally, we discuss how other phenomena, such as B(b → sγ), relic abundance of the lightest superpartner, and the Higgs mass may be correlated with the anomalous magnetic moment, but do not significantly impact the viability of a supersymmetric explanation, or the mass limits obtainable on smuons and charginos.

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