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Muon Detector for Underground Tomography

  title={Muon Detector for Underground Tomography},
  author={Yan Benhammou and Erez Etzion and Gilad Mizrachi and Meny Raviv Moshe and Yiftah Silver and Igor Zolkin School of PhysicsAstronomy and Tel Aviv University and Tel Aviv and Israel and Rafael and Advanced Defense systems Ltd and Haifa},
. We utilise muons from cosmic ray to explore hidden underground archaeological structures. Presented here is the design, simulation studies and first laboratory results of a compact, scintillators based, cosmic ray muon telescope for underground muon radiography. 


Muon geotomography: selected case studies
  • D. Schouten
  • Geology
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2018
This article summarizes selected case studies in applying muon tomography to mineral exploration, which is called muon geotomography, and describes the techniques used to reconstruct a three-dimensional density model of the subsurface.
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Three‐dimensional computational axial tomography scan of a volcano with cosmic ray muon radiography
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