author={Anders Hviid and Steven A. Rubin and Kathrin Mühlemann},
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Mumps: a resurgent disease with protean manifestations

Treatment is generally supportive, although intravenous immunoglobulin therapy may have a future role in mumps management, and interferon alpha‐2b treatment may be considered specifically for mumps epididymo‐orchitis.

Mumps Infection With Symptoms of Parotitis, Pancreatitis, and Orchitis Concurrently in an Adolescent Male

An unusual case of a vaccinated young male who presented with a clinical picture suggestive of mumps infection with symptoms of parotitis, pancreatitis, and orchitis is presented, highlighting the concerns regarding the effectiveness of the live attenuated vaccine currently in use.

Reemergence of mumps

The reason for the epidemics, optimal methods of diagnosis, and surveillance of immunization status for the prevention of future epidemics are investigated.

Mumps Orchitis: Clinical Aspects and Mechanisms

A mini-review of the knowledge of the clinical aspects and possible mechanisms of mumps orchitis highlights advances in knowledge.

Incidence of Mumps in Anbar province, West of Iraq during the Period 2009-2018

Mumps incidence had been increase during the last 2 years mainly in the age group 5 to14 years old with a marked increase incidence in male in Anbar province, Iraq.

Presumed Cases of Mumps in Pregnancy: Clinical and Infection Control Implications

The presenting findings, diagnostic dilemmas and infection control challenges associated with presumed cases of mumps in pregnancy associated with a mumps outbreak in New York and New Jersey are detailed.

Circulation of Two Mumps Virus Genotypes in an Unimmunized Population in India

This is the first report from India confirming simultaneous circulation of mumps virus genotype C in one village and the G genotype in another village only 37 km away.

Mumps outbreak investigation in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, June‐September 2016

This was a confirmed mumps outbreak in Jaisalmer block that disproportionately affected school‐going children and recommended continued surveillance, 5‐day absence from school, and vaccination.